PracticeStar helps coaches manage practice for sports teams.


Manage assignments

Coaches define practice activities (drills) for players to perform, create assignments, and evaluate players' progress in real time

Motivate players

Leaderboards and prizes motivate players to compete with one another in at-home practice

Use with any sport

PracticeStar supports at-home practice for any sport, including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, track & field, swimming, and golf

Access any time, any place

Players practice on their own schedules and record their work in PracticeStar.  Coaches manage players' at-home practice from any location with an Internet connection

Run detailed reports

With data-driven analytics, coaches can run detailed reports to evaluate player performance and make informed coaching decisions

Host off-season events

Coaches and organizations can host off-season competitions to maintain skills developed during the sports season